the Heart

Continually…(occurring without interruption; continuous in time)

Still…(deep silence and calm; stillness…free from turbulence or commotion; peaceful; tranquil; calm)

…while runnin’ on the sidelines.

“Just a small town country gal shaking up the everyday scene.”

I am married to my dearest and closest friend. We have a little boy who LOVES anything with an engine, especially if he gets to “drive” it. I also think his metabolism may outdo mine based on his hunger habits. Scary. Being new parents is, well, like no other glorious adventure I’ve embarked upon before. And it’s amazing. It also means we have accumulated more John Deere gear than I knew existed!

Farming is what we do. Christ Jesus is who we worship. And the best place to worship Him (at least in my opinion & experience): God’s creation.

Why do I think that? Well, you’ll learn bits and pieces from my posts that can answer this question, but the short answer is this: My family is tight, and we were blessed to experience together the awe and wonder of our Father’s creation by working the land (which sometimes was is not so exciting: think endless hours walking up and down a field, back and forth, just to pick rocks ….then AGAIN twice in the summer to pull weeds…before the age of iPods) and by camping/hiking/exploring/4-wheeling on our family trips all over the U.S. Did I mention we are extra tight because of the HOURS we spent being a little crazy running around the farm playing and working together?!?! Honestly, it was pretty fun and worth all the hard work.

Backyard football and soccer = where the fun begins. A good wink = a secret shared. Dirt road running = be still my beating heart. Wilderness hikes & tent pitching = do I have to go home? A good ol’ day trailing on the 4-wheelers = best family bonding ever. A camera adorned with some specs of mud = the perfect day. A notebook & pen under a warm sunny sky = a faraway place.

The obvious aside, there is a part of my heart of which people know little, until we develop a relationship in which God has provided time for us to share what He’s shown us with one another. There is a desire in my heart to serve Jesus with all that He has made me to be. I am not my own, but His. I am excited when I wrap myself in His Word. It is living and active, that which I always hope to be and strive to live in a way pleasing to the Lord.

My thoughts and ideas should never replace the influence of the Lord’s Word in your life, He is the ultimate truth. But these tidbits may shed some light into my heart, although they are no substitute for the conversation I’d rather have with you. 🙂

Among my written thoughts are a few images I’ve poured my heart into (coming mostly from God’s glorious creation) and some agricultural snapshots…both photography and agriculture are near and dear to my heart as well. So sit back, pop some popcorn and enjoy!

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