The Big “5”

Not as prestigious as the BIG 5-0, but still worth celebrating: my man and I today are marking five years of marriage. So, in honor of the “BIG 5”, here is my quick list of five things about our marriage that make it something to celebrate (for us anyways!):

  1. We have enjoyed five years of teasing one another, doing little surprises and talking throughout each day. Road trips and farm adventures have been interesting and never lacking in fun! 
  2. We are really eating up being the cheesy parents of an extremely energetic 8 1/2 month old farm boy! Oh is that ever exciting!!!
  3. Don’t be fooled – it is not always ice cream and chocolate (although a lot of that has been consumed between the two of us the past five). Our marriage is not perfect and neither are we as individuals. However, we are careful to respect one another the best we can and seek the Lord for guidance along the way. Most importantly, we work at not searching for problems and disagreements where there are not any, because the moments we are tired or stressed and communicate poorly, it becomes really easy to read into things (trust me…farming is stressful and tiring). 
  4. We still always try our best to communicate effectively each day. When we fail, then we have to communicate carefully again, exhibiting forgiveness, grace and mercy…then forget it and move on! There is never a day off from this one, it takes work. For us, effectively does not always mean seriously, we like to goof off and give one another a hard time regularly. A good wink is always in store!
  5. Prayer is an important key in our relationship as well. While we value the Lord in our marriage, we also know the wisdom in having individual relationships with Christ in order to keep ourselves growing and in check personally. And when we come together, we are stronger. 

 All these things have helped us mature in our marriage and get to know one another’s strengths, weaknesses and good/bad habits. But no matter how we are doing, there has always been one constant these five years & so ultimately deserves it’s own attention: ICE CREAM. Haha! But seriously. No matter what page we are on, ice cream is always in our freezer for the eating…which means regular “date” nights (at least that’s what my husband would qualify as a date). I just want the ice cream! So it’s a win-win I guess!

But in all joyful seriousness, as we now have the calling beyond marriage to also raise our little man, we are reminded of how we are unqulified. Just as the Lord blessed us in marriage and we hit the learning curve running, we have now embarked on the parenting curve as He entrusts us to care for one of His precious children. It is humbling to be reminded how selfish we can be. But thrilling to experience new challenges and joys in life together! 

As we navigate, I am reminded of Matthew 6. To sum it up, here are the last two verses (but I would encourage you to check out the whole chapter for the context!):

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:33-34

God has blessed us immensly these past five years. So honey, here is to another 45 as we reach to add the Big “0” onto that little (but not insignificant) “5”!


2 thoughts on “The Big “5”

  1. Congratulations to you both! I love this whole post; the Scripture verses, the personal application, and yes, those amazing pictures! I laughed until I cried, then turned around, and cried until I laughed. You two are so funny! God Bless you always.

    Love you to pieces, and that Landon man too! Love, Grandma/mom

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