Who Screams?

I DO! For Ice Cream of course! It’s National Ice Cream month…and in honor of the festivities (not sure how many there are actually), I’d like to encourage you to grab a bowl, a spoon, a pail of ice cream (that’s right…I said  PAIL, nothing less) and your favorite toppings. Grab a friend (that is if you want to share your treat), your camp chair and join the outdoors to enjoy that tasty, creamy, cold treat. That’s my month of July advice to you…grab a bowl of ice cream to cool off when it gets hot out…which it seems to be quite a bit lately.

On that same note, when situations seem to heat up in life and you’re not sure how to cool them off…where do you go? I’ve recently been reading John in the Bible and have found it interesting in how heated up the Pharisees get over Jesus teaching. And how His disciples misunderstood much of what Jesus was saying, until He explained.

I haven’t read straight through the book of John since back in high school, and I am amazed to read different things that I completely forgot were in the book, or probably never paid attention to before. The Lord is always showing me knew things…it’s so exciting! I encourage you to check out that book. Jesus stays calm through situations and challenges He faces. Even in times when soldiers come to take Jesus away, He stays calm, knowing the Lord has a plan. And it is really cool to read how because it was not the Lord’s timing yet, the soldiers never got far in bringing Him back to the chief priests. When situations got heated…Jesus remained strong in knowing that the Lord had a plan.

And we can too! So, next time things get heated…grab a bowl of ice cream to cool off, your Bible to read and have a heart of prayer to seek the Lord’s plan.

“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” -John 16:33

And in honor of this special month, my husband and I have our very small freezer stocked with 3 pails of ice cream. We enjoy a bowl or two a week 🙂 It’s always the best of treats!


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