Officially Summer

I LOVE the lake. Seriously. And today was an enjoyable day at Battle Lake. I grew up in a family with a boat, a tent and a heart full of adventure…and we enjoyed the lake all summer long. Yes, even without a lake cabin.

So, as I jumped on the tube today and went for my first ride of the summer, it felt great! And after being dumped by my persistent Father into the freezing water (okay, a little drastic, but it was colder than my sunny skin thought it would be!), and climbing back onto the tube, a realization began to form in my mind as I continued to hang on.

Summer has now OFFICIALLY started. I will not argue actual dates of the season with you. When it feels like summer is here, it’s here. Period. I’ve made up my mind. At the moment the thought formed in my mind, I seemed to have a break in intense tubing, so I lingered in my thought process. I felt like the Lord was using this moment to teach me something.

The defining moment of tubing officially kicking off my summer is just like other defining moments in life. It’s like there is always some defining moment that kicks off a new season in our lives…even spiritually. For example, when I graduated high school, I left the next day to spend my summer work at a Bible camp. Now, that was a “3 month” defining moment…but I count that as a kick-off into my spiritual growth through college. The Lord really worked that summer to show me my love for other people.

Just last year, I married a wonderful man of the Lord. And that kicked off a new season of more challenges and adventures (I guess the Lord thought I was strong enough to handle the new challenges that it takes to share your life with someone). And currently, we’re exploring down that path together and seeking to discover the Lord’s plan for our ministry together.

Sometimes, that moment that officially defines the start of a new season can be exciting (such as tubing on the lake) or devastating (a family member dying…yes, I have experienced this). And it can lead to a fun season (time with the family, enjoying the outdoors, joy & rest) or a painful season (hurt, feeling alone, feeling lost). In the end, it’s all up to you how your next season starts. If we choose to seek the Lord for guidance and healing, He will always bring us back to seasons of joy, wonder and adventure in Him.

Want a Biblical example? Check out Job 1. Here is a defining moment in Job’s life that officially kicks off a season for him. But even more importantly, check out how Job responds to this moment that has occurred in his life…verses 20-22 of chapter 1. 

“Then Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his head, and he fell to the ground and worshiped.” Job 1:20

So, I want to encourage you to look to Him through the seasons you are currently in, and to pay attention and recognize the defining moments that “Officially” kick off your seasons. Those are moments, whether joyful or painful, you will remember for the rest of your life!

Now that my summer has officially begun, I will enjoy it for all its worth!

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