Perpetual Perspective

So much about what we do and how we handle situations in life are about our perspective. My husband and I were looking at a farm magazine and found this ad. Now we are both John Deere and Chevy kids at heart, thanks to our farm upbringing. 🙂 We hope to pass the love for green and Chevy to our kids. But I digress…

When we saw the ad, we instantly loved it. Two of our favorite things together. But I noticed one thing. For those who do not know better, this ad will twist their perspective on farm life. The truth is, my husband and I still play with tractors and trucks, and they do not look like the vehicles in this ad.

For example, what is refered to as a tractor in this ad, upon closer look, is really a combine. And the truck spoken of is really a pick-up. So for those without an agriculture background, I suggest looking up what these really are for a true perspective, or better yet, go to the farm itself and discover the truth in these. You see, when we are fed things that are not truthful, our perpective on the true world around us becomes a perpetually inacurate view.

I also realized that this same in other aspects of our life. Do we view the world out of our earthly eyes? Or the Lord’s eyes? And how do we continually check our view to make sure it is an acurate perspective? We read the Bible. You see, His view is the true, everlasting outlook on life and all that is around us. And not only will reading it keep our perpective in tact, it will help us through our lives in the moments we need His truth to sustain us.

“So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, ‘If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.'” -John 8:31-32

The Bible gives us a worldview that is everlasting. The truth inside the book is applicable always. It gives us perpetual perspective as we continue to be in the Word and seek to look at the world through the Lord’s eyes. So I leave you this question, does your perspective match His? Or do you look at what is advertised and believe it to be the truth? Think about it. Seek His Word. Discover a reliable, everlasting perspective.


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