Smoothly Satisfying

Hunger. That’s what I seemed to feel all day today. No matter when or how much I ate, an hour or two after I ate, I experienced hunger. So, to combat it, I came home from work and mixed up a strawberry smoothy with a little hit of vanilla yogurt and orange juice.

As I was sipping my tasty drink, I realized that my physical hunger (although painful) is only small compared to others. Not only that, but I began to think of all the spiritually hungry people just around me on a daily basis. To me, hearing the Word is just like the sweet bits of strawberry going into my mouth. So sweet. Satisfying. Something to give me a little smile on my face and brighten my day.

And just as I thought about the sweetness of my smoothy and God’s Word…I remembered what I read yesterday. Luke 11:5-13. Check it out for yourself. Jesus’s words are an encouragement to me to know that as I seek the Lord, I will find all that I am looking for in life. He will lead me. And even when I’m not sure what my hunger is for (which seems to be the case physically lately), He knows all and will satisfy my needs.

I know that because I know the truth, I can help to bring those sweet bits of satisfying truth to those around me, and lead them to the source that will satisfy their hunger. That is truly my desire. As it is the Lord’s desire to be in a relationship with His people, it is my desire to bring His message to those around the world. What’s your desire? Does it align with His nourishment for you? Have you been seeking Him to satisfy your hunger? Those verses in Luke are great ones to read and seek the Lord for those things that you know He has waiting for you…your nourishment. And don’t forget to go and share your nourishment with those around you…working up an appetite for more!

I’m thankful to say the smoothy was so very satisfying. But I know my hunger will continue. And just as I feed my physical hunger, I also strive to fill and overflow my spiritual hunger. Just a tidbit from a hungry gal.

“Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst.” -John 6:35


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