Doulos-Conquering your rainy day

Here’s a peek at my article for this month’s Doulos. You’ll have to check out the mag to get the whole story…

You look to the west and see it. Deep clouds coming over the horizon, slowly moving to cover the sky in a blanket of darkness. There’s a soft haze underneath the clouds, undoubtedly raindrops falling across the land as the deep blue nears. What started as a sunny day, has now turned dark and wet.

What is your first reaction to what you see? For most, it is sadness, disappointment or frustration. I mean, who really wants to spend their day inside…not to mention when spring is just starting, and we’re all itching to get outside and enjoy the sun?!

One day the second week of March greeted me with this feeling. Now this is not a typical reaction for me, as I am the usually the one who becomes energized when I hear the smallest roar of thunder in the distance, but today was different. It was supposed to be my first afternoon in the spring heat. And now that day had turned damp.

Moments after I had this feeling, I opened up our glass door to let some fresh air through the screen door. I was hit in the face with a fresh blast of a grassy, wet spring smell….and the realization that what I initially had seen had given me a sense of defeat. It was as if the Lord was saying, “your situation really is not as bad as you think.” And my defeated heart turned joyful once again!

Whenever I feel joyful during a rainy day, my memory instantly transitions back to one distinct day in my junior high time at summer camp. It was the last full day of camp. A day that my girls cabin was to take on a boys cabin for the championship intramural soccer game. Being a fairly athletic cabin of girls, we were naturally excited for the game and chance to show those boys up. We woke up that morning to sunlight and warmth. The perfect game day.

…Want to read the rest of this story? Check it out on page 6 in this month’s Doulos Issue 4!

There are many other wonderful stories, fun graphics & relevant photos brought by the hearts of other young people seeking the Lord. There’s even some updates in the world of music and a fun monthly calendar! 


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