Little Brown Box

Have you ever written down a prayer request, and looked back several months or a year later to see what the Lord has done in your life? It is a true joy to see how He is moving in my life, especially after seeing how He has answered my prayers. It is also a great encouragement to learn how Jesus is working in my life. Now, I am able to share those special blessings with my husband!

Before Adam and I were married, we received a little brown box from a family friend. The box was intended for us to place prayer requests and such in, only to take them out and look at them later. The idea behind the box is that, every so often, Adam and I would open it up to take our prayer requests out to see what the Lord has done in our lives.

Unfortunately, since we’ve been situating things, and I never kept notes next to the box, its purpose had never even been fulfilled. But finally, I have taken it aside just this week to fix it up perfectly for its intended purpose! And, I’d like to encourage you to try the very same thing.

First, all you need is a little box. Pick something adorable that expresses you, or simple that matches your décor. Our little box fits in perfectly with our living room, so it can always be a reminder to keep praying and putting in our prayer requests.

The box needed a little fixing up though, so I added a string across the top. Then I cut little cards to fit in the top onto which we can write our prayers. Now, the little box is all set to add our prayers and be blessed by the prayer answers!

Such a simple project, with a wonderful outcome! What would you use your box for? Notes to your significant other? Fun memories? Secrets? Use your imagination and enjoy your box as much as we enjoy our little brown box!


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