Forever Green

Now, if you aren’t familiar with agriculture, this might be Greek to you, but I have to share it! Thankfully, both my husband and I come from green families. Red is not our favorite (although the Stiger is an exception because it once was green).

And I am proud to admit that after we were married, we toted our farm toys to our new apartment. When you live in the city, you have to have SOMETHING to keep you sane along. We keep John Deere blankets and a pillow in our living room. We even have a John Deere calendar hanging up on our wall by the kitchen.

Yesterday, we took notice that there is an upcoming event for today listed on the calendar. Today is John Deere’s birthday! Now for those of you who are unfamiliar, you may think that I mean the equipment company. I really am taking about the man himself. And to celebrate, my husband went off to work wearing his John Deere t-shirt with a yellow long sleeve underneath! And tonight we are planning to play with our tractors. (Again, we really don’t expect you to understand unless you are from a farm.) Yes, we are green fans.

Thinking about Mr. Deere’s birthday, I have to ponder the effect this one man had on the agriculture industry itself. Being a blacksmith in Illinois, he took notice that the cast-iron plow was not very effective on the tough prairie soils. Deere was an observant needle polisher, and took what he knew to create a new plow. In the end, he re-created the plow to be made of highly polished steel and to be a better shaped moldboard (the self-scouring steel plow) to be able to handle the soil conditions of the prairie, especially sticky clay.

After one farmer bought the plow, he spread the news of how well it worked in his fields, causing Deere to eventually be manufacturing 75-100 plows a year just a few years later.

His story reminds me of his work and how our Christian lives should be lived. Deere was very observant, so should we be. He noticed a problem, as we should notice ours and other’s problems. Then, he developed a solution. Our solution is that Jesus died on the cross for us. The Lord created that one for us, we just need to be observant enough to find it. His past experience helped him share his wonderful new solution with others. We need to share the solution in our lives with others, spreading the Lord’s Word. Also, just like that farmer who spread the word about the successful new plow, those we influence will also be able to spread the Word and the solution for other’s hurt and pain.

The effect of one man on the agriculture industry was so significant, it changed the way farmers took care of the soil. He helped them benefit and work more soil in the amount of time it once took to work less. He is known as the creator of “The Plow that Broke the Plains.”

Would you like to be a catalyst in helping people break away from their chains? By serving the Lord and sharing His Saving Grace, you might be able to do just that. You or I might be just one person, but what we say and do has an affect on how others live out their own lives.

Just as Deere changed the industry, we can help change humanity.

“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.”

Mark 16:15-16

I would also like to leave you with a little piece of John Deere humor 🙂 This is a teaser ad that JD ran up to the release of its recently introduced heavy-duty new tillage equipment. I just couldn’t resist!


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