Doulos-From the Inside Out

I recently joined in on writing for a fun online magazine: Doulos. Here is a tidbit from my first article! But you’ll have to check out the mag to get the whole story…

Juicy. Heavenly. Sweet. Tart. Hhmmm…Yummmm. Those are all the thoughts that pass through my mind when I am savoring tasty bits of pomegranate in my mouth. What a please treat!

Interestingly enough, the Israelites thought so, too. The fruit is spoken of all over the Old Testament. Particularly, in Numbers 20:5, it is used to describe a wonderful place. It is used in the description of the wonderful land the Lord is bringing His people to in Deuteronomy 8:8. In Haggai 2:19, the Lord uses the fruit and others to describe a renewed promise of bearing fruit. And King Solomon even adorned his home with two hundred pomegranates (1 Kings 7:20). So you see, not only are a tasty fruit, but they have a presence in the Bible!

But that’s not all, there’s so many parallels to the fruit and how we serve the Lord. Have you ever noticed how a pomegranate is simple on the outside, not boasting of what is inside? As I slice the fruit open, I am filled with awe at what’s inside. Not only is it filled with tasty little pouches of juice, but it has other benefits. Here’s a few tidbits about pomegranates to savor:

-Pomegranates are drought tolerant.
-The juice can be used as an antiseptic when applied to cuts.
-One pomegranate delivers about 40% of an adult’s daily vitamin C requirement.
-The inner membranes and rind are useful as a skin wash.

Surprising? I never knew such a complex fruit, looking simple on the outside, could be so beautiful and useful inside…until I cut into it. We are called to be just like that.

Want to hear more? Check out the story on page 6 in this month’s Doulos Issue 3!

There are many other wonderful stories, fun graphics & relevant photos brought by the hearts of other young people seeking the Lord. There’s even some updates in the world of music and a fun monthly calendar! 


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