Online Organization made Fun!

So there is this new thing I discovered called Pinterest. Through a few friends showing me the ideas they uncovered on this wonderful little online organizer, I decided to check it out. WORTH IT! Now, instead of emailing myself all these little ideas or cool blogs I find and having to somehow organize those emails with links in separately labeled folders…I can, PIN THEM!

Okay, you’re laughing at me. Why not just print them out and keep them in folders? Or why not just make a Word or Excel document and list all your categories and links? Well, here’s my reasons why:

1. PHOTOS! I can pin a photo and take a quick look to refresh my memory on what the pin is about. And who doesn’t love photos?

2. Boards. That’s right. Separate categories called “boards” are easy to distinguish with CUSTOMIZABLE names for my organizational pleasure.

3. Sharing. I can subscribe to friends’ and others’ pins and boards to get ideas from them. Then we can get together and try them! (One of my friends and I are totally going to collaborate for a tasty recipe try-out day!)

It’s like Fun meets Organization meets Ideas meets Sharing = great fun organizing and trying new ideas! Everything from saving neat photos I run across, to great recipes, to fun DIY ideas, to things to keep kids occupied and even things I would like to have in my home one day. That’s just a tidbit, there are so many more pin boards to check out!

Now that I’ve shared my excitement, experience it for yourself! But beware, it may become addicting. 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot, for all you avid Facebookers and Twitters out there…you can link the two together. Have fun!


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