Obvious Subliminality

That’s not possible you say. Yet, my title is intriguing, isn’t it? And yes…I’m holding off satisfying your hunger for answers. It’s subliminal…yet pretty obvious huh? Now I’m just stalling…

Okay, to satisfy your inner wonder, this is about the Lord. It starts with Matthew 15:21-28.

You see, my husband and I went to church with my brothers two Sundays ago. That pastor spoke about the Syrophoenician woman, giving context and historical and cultural background to the story. He demonstrated how Jesus is impossible to keep a secret and that this woman was so desperate and knew she was unworthy…that she hoped she could get just a few crumbs of grace from the Lord.

Just yesterday evening we were in a different church listening to a guest speaker. As it just so happened, he asked us to open our Bibles to this passage and began teaching on the same verses we’d read just a week before. My husband and I were so excited. This time, the story was even MORE ALIVE in our minds as we remembered the background we’d been given before. And the second time, we saw more depth to how desperate the woman really was, and how she was suffering as a mother who may have realized her daughter’s pain was because of her own sinful influence.

While listening, my husband and I concluded that is is amazing how the Lord works. For a second time in two weeks we heard the same story, and it became alive more each time. It became so obvious that the Lord is teaching us something specific. Subliminality comes into the picture as the messages are hidden throughout the story and just in the fact that He’s not coming right out and telling us.

So as we seek what He is teaching us, we came upon these verses while doing our devotions today: Mathew 6 and Isaiah 48. Now, I could outline the numerous connections between these verses and the story you’ve just read, but that would just be too obvious. Read it for yourself. What is the Lord teaching you in these verses? I already know what I’ve learned. The question now is how will I apply it?


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