End not in sight

I LOVE to travel, in fact, if I could make a job out of traveling-I’d do it! I love seeing the history and exploring God’s creating. There are so many different, beautiful things and it always amazes me at what I find-or even how He created things to work.

Much of my passion to explore and see breathtaking beauty, history and uncharted earth comes from my parents. Dad and Mom would take my brothers and I on a “family trip” every year-complete with camping, hiking, adventurous drives, history lessons, geography guidance, science tidbits, geology notes, family devos and even some Dad-created stories!

Now, the Lord has given me my dear husband as a travel buddy for life! And that is exactly how we began our life together…climing on and swimming around the amazing island of St. John. It is filled with seemingly untarnished National Park that fulfilled my hunger for the wonderful beauty filled with all those lessons we experienced on our family trips growing up.

Among the many questions and thoughts spinning through my heard on our long hikes and snorkels, one in particular stood out to me…

As we were headed down (and I mean down) a beautiful trail to Reef Bay, I began to take in my surroundings…roots, the slimy dirt, rocks here and there, a canopy of tropical trees around me and unfamiliar noises. And I wondered, hidden deep in a small island forest, there’s much to be found, has anyone really looked or paid attention? I mean, there are many people bathing in the sun on beaches around the island that are easy to get to, but what about the hidden parts that take effort to get to?

And it hit me. I realized that the Lord has created uncharted forest in our lives, filled with some trails, areas that we have to bushwhack our way through to discover His Glory for our lives! But we need to remember, there are gems along the way, it is not just a arduous journey to one beautiful end.

Example: When looking closely while hiking down this trail, we discovered little crabs of all shapes, sizes and color, interesting plants, a few colorful spiders, countless foundations and tidbits of ruins scattered through the brush and even different types of soils and rocks. My husband, who has a keen hunter’s eye, discovered far-off animals rustling quietly through the brush.

So if we would have trucked on through the tough stuff to get to a wonderful ending (which included old sugar mill ruins and a magnificent bay), we would have missed the little lessons and beauty along the way.

Does this story sound a bit familiar? That is because it is. Remember the Israelites? They journeyed through the desert as the Lord showed them things along the way, trying to teach them little lessons. Now, some of those subtle lessons were missed, pointed out, obeyed, forgotten and then disobeyed. Check it our for yourself! (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, continuing their entrance to the promise land-which is also filled with lessons- are dedicated to the telling of that journey) Yes, I realize that this is a lot to read, but think about all the details along their route. It’s an amazing story, and a good reminder that our lives are not about one long journey, but what we learn and experience on our way there.

Ultimately, it’s about our choice of reactions, who we take time to listen to, how we spend our time on the journey and what we take notice of…or maybe rather of WHOM we take notice. His Kingdom is really all about souls and relationships, isn’t it?

The end (our destination) may not always be in sight, but our surroundings are always a notice away. Next time you desire an easier journey, or just to make it to the end, pick up your Bible and check out life’s journey.

Once my husband and I made it to our destination, we sat down and enjoyed our luscious view and devotions before exploring our underwater trail. God is just full of little lessons waiting to be discovered underneath His stunning creation. That’s another life lesson…

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