Today I went to a U of M Research and Outreach Center where I learned more about different varieties of corn and soybeans and how they react to weeds, as well as this year’s weather effect on crops. (I’ll spare the interesting details 😉 haha) When we had a tour of their plots, I noticed huge patches of giant ragweed growing in some plots. I learned that those plots were control plots where the crops had not been sprayed for weeds.

Now, coming from a farm where we endlessly picked weeds all summer to keep our fields clean (naturally, as my Daddy is a farmer, our fields must look perfectly clean), seeing these huge patches of giant ragweed, not to mention other weeds, frustrated me. For those of you who are new to this farmer thing, here are a few facts:

1.    Giant ragweed is one of the harder weeds to kill because it is hardy and can survive many different soil and weather conditions.
2.    Giant ragweed seed can last in the ground for many years and then eventually decide to grow.
3.     It is a weed that can substantially reduce crop yields. (This also applies to other weeds, hence why farmers like to see clean fields.)
4.    Weed seed can end up being harvested with grain and is hard to filter out.
5.    One weed can produce thousands of seeds, which get spread out and tillage just drives them deeper into the soil.
6.    Because of the number of seeds one can produce, if the weeds aren’t taken care of they can eventually take over the field and completely drown out the crops.

Why does all this matter? Think about life. We all have weeds and the Lord is trying vigorously to pick them out of our life. But, like many of the weeds I’ve had the privilege to pick out of the ground, some of them can have deep and hard to pull-out roots. This gives them a chance to grow back. Or, maybe it was too late and the weed already seeded, creating thousands of more potential weeds to grow later this year, next spring or even a few years down the road. If we don’t take care of those weeds, they can take over our life and drown out productiveness.

It may be a constant battle, but it is worth it to stay pure and clean so that we may produce a yield that is true without being damaged. What does that mean? It means that the fruit of our harvest will be greater when we have de-weeded our lives so that the weeds cannot take away from the nutrients of our preparation for the harvest.

So I pose the question, when was the last time you got dirty weeding your life? Trust me, you will get dirty. The Lord will clean you up!


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