What’s in your carry-on?

What a day! I’ll start at the beginning. Two days ago I flew out of Minneapolis to Indianapolis. When arriving at Indi, one of my friends mentioned how she almost had forgotten to take her knife out of her bag.

Then I commented on how I must have taken my knife out of my backpack because I didn’t have any trouble, and the last time I saw my knife I had put it in my backpack.
We laughed and imagined what sort of scene she or I would have created if either one of us had left our knife in its bag.

Fast forward to today. I was stopped while going through security because they needed to check my backpack. This frustrated me because this search took more time than I had. I stood there confused and curious as the guard searched through my backpack, only to pull out from the bottom of the bag my pocketknife.

What did I learn? Always check your luggage and clean out things that are dangerous. They could get you in trouble. I thought about how this applies to my life. Have I cleaned out those things which are dangerous to my relationship with the Lord and His plans for me? Even though they are hiding at the bottom and they pass by the radar of some people, others may see right through me and into my sin.

I need to always search for and make sure I have asked the Lord to take those dangerous things out of my life. Then I will whole-heartedly serve Him without having to take a detour.

With that said, have you searched through your carry-on lately?


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