Thank you. Opportunity. Confidence.

One blessing I’ve had in this past year is to be a member of the Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Student Advisory Team (SAT). At the end of every day we meet, we all go around and share our “Word of the Day” and why we have chosen the word. After today, we shared our words and a few really stood out to me. I must share them and why they stood out.

The first word that really stood out was “Thank You.” Yes, I know it is two words, but the rules state this is expectable. The gal who shared was thankful for all the AFA staff has done for our team and including us in their visits to speak with corporate business people who are interested in AFA, us and our stories and allow us to learn from these people about the industry and their respective purposes.

In relation, I ask: How often do we thank the Lord for His love, help, teaching, things He has set up and prepared for us? When do we thank Him for providing situations of opportunity for us or a great meeting/networking time with others to share and learn about Him?

A little later my word was “Opportunity.” I chose this word because I never, even as a Freshman or Sophomore in college, ever considered or thought I would have this opportunity in the future. When I applied to be on the team, I did not even think then that I would be sitting down with large corporations and those in high business positions. Once given this opportunity, all of us on the team have taken time to learn from these people.

On that same note, how often do we know or even think about the opportunities that the Lord has planned for us and are coming our way? We need to constantly be preparing for opportunities we cannot see coming in our future. Also, we need to recognize those opportunities when they come, then grab them, taking the time to learn from them. So, we must prepare, seek out opportunities, grab them and learn from them; all of this takes time and hard work. It also takes prayer!

Lastly, our CEO’s word was “Confidence.” Now, he spoke about us having confidence in ourselves through what we have learned and how we conduct ourselves. He reassured us that we know the information how to discuss and learn, so we should have confidence in our ability to sit down with these business people and hold conversations.

I beg to differ. Is our confidence really our own? Or should our confidence be in the Lord? From a Biblical worldview, I’d say that having confidence in the Lord is what enables us to do things for His kingdom and keep going every day. Why? Because through that, we know that His plan will always prevail and that as His children He will care for us.

Proverbs 3:26. Thank the Lord for the opportunity. Seize the opportunity. Have confidence in Him, let Him be your confidence and you will stand strong in Him.

So, in the future, I may or may not be implementing a “Word of the Day” here and there.  Now that this is a super-long message, I’ll leave you with:
Thank you (for reading/listening).

Opportunity (is hopefully not lost for you to continue reading in the future after this long post).

Confidence (is not my own but in the Lord, especially after all the silly mistakes I make!).


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