Simply simple?

I’ve noticed lately that there are so many little complicated details to fill up life. How? Well, for starters, there is all this new technology. It seems that we must always be looking up things online, on our phones, now even the ipad.

I’m working for a farming magazine this summer, and we have been discussing all the technology farmers have at their fingertips. We have to track these down and write about them. Not only that, but even the world of communication has gotten broader and more complicated, so we must try and conquer that to stay on top of the market.

Now, this is all interesting information, and it’s sometimes fun to engulf myself in a world filled with wonderful technologies and things to do. But where is my time spent? How much if it is actually spent wisely? Does the time I spend with the Lord match up?

Today, while running, I contemplated these thoughts. The harder I thought, the harder I ran. And I realized something. When I keep life simple and run consistently, I work harder and can go longer. If I get distracted while running, I tend to run too fast and get tired quicker, which makes it harder to move on. Then, I’m frustrated with myself for being burned out.

So why do we forever keep running, harder and harder, trying our best to conquer all the technology and opportunities we have at our fingertips but forget to spend our time where it really matters and makes a difference, where we’ll be rejuvinated so we can keep a consistent pace? It’s interesting how much more productive we’ll be.

It’s funny how much farther I am able to run when I keep a consistent, even pace. And even better, it’s funny how much farmers get done by keeping a consistant pace day-by-day. They don’t do everything all during one month. Not to mention the fact that they work when and where they are meant to work. We should be listening to the Lord to know when and where we are supposed to work, or things will probably not go so smoothly.

It’s a progression and a process. Amazing how hard it is to simplify life.


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