Yum, Vanilla…no, wait. Ew…

Recently, I moved to the cities for an internship this summer. While moving, I grabbed a container of yogurt from my home fridge thinking it was vanilla. Wrong. Imagine me on a wonderful sunny afternoon, coming home after a nice long peaceful run (I found a quiet trail in the city-I know, crazy huh?!?). Here I am…headed to my fridge after some stretching to take a few bites of cool… refreshing… vanilla yogurt. I take out the container, without looking of course because I already know what it is, and dump some in a bowl. I put a bit of granola on top, then slice a few fresh strawberries to complete the gourmet snack. Excited and still sweaty, I dig in a spoon, pull up a spoonful, and start to savor….

…uh…not savoring yet. IT. Tastes. ODD. Or rather, it has a bite to it I don’t remember tasting in vanilla yogurt before. At first, I panicked. I just bought it! There’s no way it’s too old. What a waste. So, reasoning with myself, I check out the situation. I open the refrigerator, take out the container and to my dismay, I discover the problem.

It was PLAIN. Now, I’m sorry if you for some reason REALLY like plain yogurt. But I, however, am not a big fan. Unless I’m using it for cooking, it’s not my favorite. I was so disgusted with myself. How could I be so careless? Now I have to figure out how to make plain yogurt taste good as an afternoon snack.

But it got me thinking. When else in my life am I careless enough to mistake things for something else? Have I misjudged other groceries? Uh, I’d rather not admit to how often that’s happened. Do I misjudge situations before I jump into them? Yes, I have. Have I misjudged a person for being something they are not really on the inside? Ouch. Yes to that one too.

Simply put, I have been so unwise in how I make decisions at times and even decided what other’s are like. I’ve made decisions in my life, not realizing exactly what the outcome would taste like and sometimes became part of a not-so-good situation. Hind sight has shown me that there were clear signs I should have walked away before that happened. Other times, I have looked to others in trust without at first examining their character. As a result, I have been hurt or betrayed. But I remember that before I put my trust in them, they displayed qualities of mistrust. On the opposite end, I know I’ve turned someone away quickly because of something I thought, but later came to realize that they were really sweet inside, not sour.

Remembering these things, I started to read in James, one of my FAVORITE Bible books! And James 1:5 caught my attention.

“But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” -James 1:5

The Lord goes on to talk about asking in faith and without doubt. Read it for yourself 🙂 I have found that I need more wisdom, I never have enough. And it would be wise of me to be patient, take my time and consult Him before making a decision. Paying attention to His Will would be the first step.

Just like if I would have paid attention to what the yogurt container said, I would be able to enjoy a sweet, wonderful tasting treat after some running pain. And in life, if I would exhibit more wisdom in my circumstances, I would come out at the end of my situations enjoying a joyful, purposeful and more abundant life.

By the way, if you ever need to sweeten up your plain yogurt, here’s a little wisdom from my experience: mix in some yummy jam, and you have a fruity sweet delight!


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