Cow’s running down stairs…

As I brainstormed titles for the grain vacuum article I am currently writing for work, I noticed I had previously written down “Accelerated Grain Movement” at the top of the artcle when I started. Laughing at that title, I felt it was a little too cheesy (not yummy) sounding and not quite catchy enough. So, naturally I took out the word “grain.” After re-reading through my title ideas, the edited “Accelerated Movement” stuck out in my mind. This time it didn’t resonate in a way relating to grain, but instead the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to a whole new concept.

I was convicted of taking part in and embracing a “fast” society. What do I mean? It’s actually very simple. I have access to all the new gizmos and gadgets that allow me to have instant access to people, things and information, all at my fingertips. Not only does this access come quickly, but it allows me to crunch more things into the same time period. I now find myself being part of different groups, helping with many events, completing my homework while encouraging a troubled friend online. Even as I do this, I ask myself, is this right?

Answer: No. Why can’t I take the time to invest in the friend, without covering another base at the same time? I can. I choose not to. I quickly become part of society’s accelerated movement. We are seeking to get things faster, now, quicker than every before. What is wrong with this?

God doesn’t give us things “faster” than we had before or than we should get them. He works on His timing. So why do we fervently seek to receive something from Him NOW because we believe we are ready for it. What if He has a plan to provide us with that blessing another time.

Why try to accelerate God’s movement in our lives? Will we really gain from it? Or will it pass by quickly without us realizing we’ve been blessed? Maybe we’ll get what we want from Him now, then pass it by quickly becase we decided we want even more, now?

I’m guilty. I’ve done it. I’m doing it. And now I have to work on changing for the future.

There is a distinct difference between being complacent and content with what the Lord has given us. Just because we aren’t begging the Lord to bless us with the newest thing, does it make us complacent? Or does it mean we realize what it means to be content with what we’ve been given and faithfully seeking and obey the Lord’s commands for us?

In regards to the cows, they can’t run down stairs because the Lord has not equipped them with the correct jointing to do so. Why should we move, accelerating toward something, when the Lord has not yet equipped us to do so?

Just some thoughts.


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