Today while I was worshipping the Lord and seeking after Him to just break me, I was thinking about running after the Lord and how much I want to sprint after the Holy Spirit! I got a little sidetracked ( I think I have Holy Spirit ADHD, if such a thing exists) and started thinking about how much I miss running and how I loved it (hehe, yes…another running story!), when the Holy Spirit gave me a thought. There were moments I ran when the pain would be so great as I ran that I just had to persevere and run through it. After about a mile and a half my sides would feel like someone was stabbing me with a knife. The more I ran and the further, eventually I was able to run past the pain and then I could run for a longer distance without a problem. I always would have to run until I reached that point, then fight through that point and finally finish without pain and enjoy the rest of a race. Each week my threshold of pain would increase and I would have to run further to hit that pain spot and then surpass it to get my runner’s high. I was running four or five miles and would hit pain at two and a half or three miles. But I always strived to finish strong, sprinting my way to the finish!

Life is like this. Sometimes I  am running along and life is going great, I’m serving the Lord and seeking the Holy Spirit daily, when all of the sudden, Satan takes a knife and sticks it into my life hoping I will keel over and surrender to the pain he has caused. But I need to learn to run through those pains, not be afraid of what I may face, and rely on my Father to help me fight through the pain. When I get past the pain, the Lord blesses me with a great finish. Of course, we have to keep running in life, we cannot just stand still…and our grand finale finally comes when we see Jesus on the throne in heaven and spend eternity with Him. The longer I run with Jesus, the greater my threshold for pain becomes and I are able to withstand more. This is why sometimes I feel like Satan has really attacked me, he feels like he needs to stab my life with a bigger knife to do some damage. But no matter what, I continue to stand strong with the Lord, pray through the pain and hurt, and run fearlessly. I know my threshold is greater because I am growing and able to run further without having to take a rest, Jesus is breaking me, helping me through the pain, and growing me so I come out on the other side in His glory! It is a fantastically wonderful feeling!!

1″Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

-Hebrews 12:1


One thought on “Threshold

  1. wow! what a GREAT thought the HS gave you! insane… i love it. What a lot to chew on! thanks shawna for posting this thought… it convicted me with inspiration.

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